As a Senior Designer within Adobe's Digital Experience (DX) Studio, a portion of my work involved shaping and evolving the Adobe Experience Cloud brand through the creation of numerous digital assets for product pages on (BACOM).
The challenge was to adapt two newly acquired marketing and eCommerce products called Marketo and Magento respectively, with unique brand styles and color, to remain recognizable on their own but still fit within the Adobe brand.
An initial set of art elements were created by artist Pol SolĂ  while working under the creative direction of Angela Fisher, Senior Creative Director DX Studio.
Utilizing the key colors of both products (Marketo purple and Magento orange) they were combined with our Adobe red to ensure continued recognition and help guide customers along the style update while remaining unified under the Adobe brand.
From here we utilized the art in various layouts and compositions for page marquees and cards across BACOM, social ads, demand gen collateral, and much more.

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